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Basic Plan
-Single Website

-2GB Diskspace

-10GB Monthly Bandwidth

-5 Email Accounts

-Linux OS (CPanel)
RMB500.00 Annually
RMB900.00 Biennially
RMB1300.00 Triennially
Business Plan
-3 Hosted Websites

-10GB Diskspace

-100GB Monthly Bandwidth

-100 E-mail Accounts

-Linux OS (CPanel)

-Free Domain
RMB1000.00 Annually (Free Domain)
RMB1800.00 Biennially (Free Domain)
RMB2500.00 Triennially (Free Domain)
Corporate Plan
-10 Hosted Websites

-50GB Disk Space

-500GB Monthly Bandwidth

-1,000 email accounts

-Linux OS (CPanel)

-Free Domain Name
RMB2500.00 Annually (Free Domain)
RMB4500.00 Biennially (Free Domain)
RMB6000.00 Triennially (Free Domain)
Corporate Plan-Java (Private JVM)
-16GB Disk Space
-400GB Bandwidth
-32MB Dedicated Heap Space
-100 sql databases (Mysql 5.0.x)
-Unlimited POP3 email accounts & sub-domains
-Tomcat 5.5.x, JDK 1.6.0, Apache 2.2.x
-Isolation from other clients JVM
-Ability to Start/Stop Tomcat server
-Full classpath control
-Tomcat server manager

RMB3000.00 Annually (Free Domain)
RMB5500.00 Biennially (Free Domain)
Limited (Reseller Hosting)
-50GB Diskspace

-250GB Monthly Bandwidth

-50 cPanel accounts

RMB3000.00 Annually (Free Domain)
Professional (Reseller Hosting)
-250GB Diskspace

-1TB Monthly Bandwidth

-Unlimited cPanel accounts

RMB6000.00 Annually (Free Domain)
Standard (Reseller Hosting)
-100GB Diskspace

-500GB Monthly Bandwidth

-100 cPanel accounts

RMB4500.00 Annually (Free Domain)

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