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How to register a .cn or .hk domain name?

At the contrary of generic domain names, .cn and .hk / domain names require to provide the business license of the company which is registering the domain. If your order includes a .cn,,,, .hk or domain name, please open a ticket to our Domain Support department (or email to with a scan copy of your business license.

Please note:
1) The registration of .cn domains is not restricted to Chinese companies. Any company can register a .cn domain as long as they can provide a business license which can be read easily and show the company name, license number and issuing authority/country.
2) If no company is available, you can register it under your personal name. You will need to provide a scan copy of your passport. Chinese national need to provide a scan copy of their Chinese ID card.
3) domains can be registered only by Hong Kong registered companies (a valid BR must be provided). You can use our company as agent for a service fee of HKD300. Please note that our company will be listed as owner in the public whois.

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