What is the process to host in China?

Per existing laws and regulations in mainland China, all websites hosted on a Chinese server must first obtain an ICP license. You can review the ICP license requirements and application process at www.sinohosting.net/icp.php ; the main requirements are that:
1) You should be legally registered as a company in mainland China
2) You must provide a contact person who is Chinese national

If you have placed an order for hosting in China, please download the ICP License Application Package and follow the procedures as listed in this package. This package also includes the address to send the signed original forms and documents.

Any electronic documents relevant to the application needs to be submitted by email to icp.shanghai@cycom.com.cn 

The ICP license will take on average 3 to 4 weeks to be processed. The hosting account cannot be activated until the ICP license is obtained.

If you already have an ICP license, please provide the license details to our ICP licensing department in the client area so that this can be verified and your account activated as soon as possible.

If you do not have an ICP license, and do not qualify to apply for one (no business registered in China), please contact our support team to have your plan changed to our Hong Kong or South Korea location.
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