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Article Can I host multiple sites on the same hosting account?
Our Corporate Plan (Hong Kong & International locations) allow to host up to 10 different...
Views: 1065
Article Can you enable SSH access on shared hosting accounts?
No SinoHosting does not provide SSH access on shared hosting accounts. If you need SSH access,...
Views: 1153
Article Do you allow adult sites?
No, adult sites are not allowed on our network. Clients found to have adult content on their...
Views: 1067
Article Do you allow IRC?
No, IRCs are not allowed on our network.
Views: 975
Article Do you offer domain name registration as well?
Yes provide can register domain names with the following extensions: .com, .net,...
Views: 930
Article How do I sign up?
There is an "Order Now" link or button under each plan, which can be used to sign up...
Views: 1034
Article How do I transfer my site from my old host to
After signing up for an account with us, you will simply need to update your domain name servers...
Views: 2640
Article How long will it take to get my account set up?
After payment is received, we set up accounts within 2~3 hours on average during week-days and 5...
Views: 1175
Article I am based overseas. Can I host my site in China, and what about the ICP license?
Due to current regulations, obtaining an ICP license is required before having a website running...
Views: 3380
Article I need more diskpace/bandwidth than your advertised plans. Can you help?
Most definitely. Simply contact with your requirements and we would be pleased to provide you...
Views: 1036
Article If I select an international plan, do you guarantee that my site will not be blocked?
We can't guarantee that the specific IP of the server you are on will not be blocked, we do...
Views: 1864
Article My site is blocked in China. If I host with, will this unblock my site?
Yes, all our servers (both in China and International) are accessible from China.
Views: 2353
Article What support options do you have?
Customer support is mainly provided by email and support tickets (30mn to 2 hours waiting time on...
Views: 1032
Article Where are your servers located?
We have servers in datacenters in mainland China (China Telecom & China Netcom, Shanghai,...
Views: 1082

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